16 Dec 2008

Import figures delight pork industry

9:46 pm on 16 December 2008

The pork industry is starting to claw back some of the local trade it has lost to imports.

Import figures show a 9% drop in the amount of pig meat being brought into the country.

Industry body New Zealand Pork says that amounts to a reduction of 70,000 kilograms a week.

Chief executive Sam McIvor says about 700 tonnes of imported pork are still arriving each week, mainly for processing into bacon and ham.

Imports still make up more than 40% of pig meat consumed in New Zealand.

But Mr McIvor says it is the first significant drop in pork imports in seven years and he thinks the industry's 100% New Zealand campaign has had an impact on that change.

He says there is a message in those figures for MPs who have rejected calls for country of origin labelling.