2 Feb 2009

Marlborough seeks to control sauvignon harvest

7:08 am on 2 February 2009

Wineries in the Marlborough region have held a number of yield forecasting workshops with grape growers in an effort to control the tonnage of sauvignon blanc harvested this year.

Last year's harvest was much bigger than expected and a quantity of unsold wine remains in tanks.

Wine Marlborough marketing manager Marcus Pickens said it is vital to ensure vineyards don't produce a glut of sauvignon blanc in order to avoid subsequent price damage.

He said growers need to take into account that the international market has changed quite dramatically and rapidly.

Ensuring vineyard yields are on target and setting up for the best possible vintage should mean that pricing can at least be held, he said.

Mr Pickens said Wine Marlborough is working very hard to ensure market assessments are correct, so wineries can do thorough assessments of their businesses.