18 Feb 2012

Lamb market being watched closely

7:29 am on 18 February 2012

King Country farmers are watching the lamb market closely as they consider considering whether to sell more lambs to the store market, or hang on and try to get more weight on them.

Due to warm humid rain, Country Life reports that pasture quality is an issue: some have maintained it well and others not so well.

Country Life says beef calves on their mothers are going great guns. Normally cows are on the hills eating rubbish, but with all the growth this year they are eating good grass and the calves are benefiting.

However, farmers are struggling to complete shearing, especially the lambs, because of all the rain. There's also a lot of fly strike around.

But some farmers in Southland have been sending lambs to the works lighter than desired at 17 - 18kg. Though at about $92 per head, Country Life says it's still been a worthwhile exercise.

Ewe lambs are being shorn and yearling bull beef stock have reached the 500kg mark.