21 Mar 2012

Spanish arrest 10 in anti-doping raids

8:43 am on 21 March 2012

Spanish police have arrested 10 suspects in Madrid and Barcelona and smashed an international sports doping ring allegedly linked to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Police said the network was implicated in competitors' positive doping tests at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, cycling's 2010 Tour of Spain and 2009 Tour of Portugal, and the 2010 Spanish athletics championships.

A spokesman for the regional Catalan police said although they believe they've dismantled the ring, a second round of raids and arrests cannot be ruled out.

Police said with the London Olympics in mind, they decided to dismantle the group when the head of the organisation was in Spain.

Among those detained was the alleged brainchild, a Spanish-Colombian doctor who "had many contacts in elite sport".