28 Mar 2012

Welsh student jailed for mocking Fabrice Muamba

5:56 am on 28 March 2012

A Welsh student who mocked footballer Fabrice Muamba on Twitter after the Bolton Wanderers midfielder suffered a cardiac arrest during an FA Cup game against Tottenham Hotspur 11 days ago, has been jailed for inciting racial hatred.

21 year old Liam Stacey provoked revulsion with comments made while 23 year old Muamba was being treated on the pitch.

Police were inundated with complaints as members of the public reported the student's comments.

Stacey, a Swansea University third-year biology undergraduate, was quickly tracked down, arrested and sent to prison for 56 days.

The first of Stacey's messages began with "LOL (laugh out loud) and said Muamba had died.

Stacey's lawyer said he was completely ashamed of his behaviour which took place after and he got drunk watching Wales's rugby grand slam victory earlier in the day.