18 May 2012

Swimming NZ review calls for board and CEO resignations

6:54 pm on 18 May 2012

An independent review of Swimming New Zealand recommends the entire board resign and the role of chief executive be overhauled.

The review was carried out by the former chief executive of the New Zealand rugby union Chris Moller and was initiated after a bitter falling out between the Swimming New Zealand board and many of its regional bodies over the way the sport was being run.

The review recommends the adoption of a new constitution and in the introduction of a new process for board apopintments.

It also calls for a redefining of the chief executive's role with current chief executive Mike Byrne, in the process of negotiating a severance package with Swimming New Zealand.

The chief executive of Auckland Swimming Brian Palmer, who's been critical of the board's management, has welcomed the recommendations, saying they go further than he could have hoped.

The review hasn't recommended a reduction in the number of regions but but suggests if regions wish to amalgamate voluntarily they should.