26 Nov 2012

Amateur admits to a few nerves on final put

6:35 am on 26 November 2012

The Australian amateur Jake Higginbottom admits the nerves really hit with his last stroke of the day as he held on to win the New Zealand Open at Clearwater.

19-year-old Higginbottom is the first amateur since Australian Harry Berwick in 1956 to win the New Zealand Open.

Higginbottom held his composure throughout the day and walked to the 18th green with a one shot lead, but needed a metre long put to seal the title....



OUT:...was good.

DUR:...12 secs

Higginbottom says he'll return to to the Open next year, probably as a professional.

Meanwhile third round leader, the New Zealander Mark Brown was again hit by poor putting.

He had 33 puts in the final round, which he says is a situation that happens far too often.....



OUT:...and get better.

DUR:...16 secs

The Australasian golfers now head to New South Wales PGA this week and then the Australian Open.