20 Dec 2012

UK court quashes Hillsborough verdicts

6:31 am on 20 December 2012

British High Court judges have quashed accidental death verdicts returned after 96 Liverpool fans were crushed to death at the Hillsborough football stadium in 1989, and police have launched a new investigation into the disaster.

The move follows the publication of a damning independent report in September, which concluded that 41 of the 96 people who died would have had the "potential to survive" if they had received medical treatment more quickly.

The report alleged police tried to divert blame for the tragedy onto the victims, and 164 piolice statesments had been changed, most of them to remove or alter "unfavourable" accounts about the police's handling of the crisis.

The Lord Chief Justice praised families of the victims for campaigning to have the original verdicts overturned.