30 Jan 2013

Balotelli's chequered career with Manchester City ends

12:53 pm on 30 January 2013

Mario Balotelli's chequered career at English Premier League football champions Manchester City has come to an end, with the temperamental Italian striker signing for AC Milan in a deal belived to worth be worth $30 million.

City paid Inter Milan over $40 million for Balotelli in August 2010, but his time at the club has been peppered with controversy both on and off the pitch.

Tales of the 22-year-old blowing up his bathroom with fireworks or walking into a school asking for the toilet have amused British fans but City supporters have felt shortchanged after scoring just 20 league goals.

Going back to Italy will be no walk in the park though for Balotelli, with Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi recently saying his fifth-placed Serie A side did not need a rotten apple like Balotelli.