6 Feb 2013

Liverpool fixture part of match fixing investigation

6:12 pm on 6 February 2013

The Hungarian football club Debrecen has confirmed that its Champions' League match against Liverpool in 2009 was part of a match fixing investigation.

The policein Europe say they've been investigating 680 matches in 30 countries as part of an 18 month long investigation into match fixing, which has so far led to 50 arrests.

They suspect an organised crime syndicate based in Singapore is behind the match fixing and

Singapore police say they're helping Europol investigate the syndicate.

Liverpool says it's not been contacted by authorities about the home game, which it won one nil.

On its website, Debrecen says its goal keeper, Vukasin Poleksic, was questioned about the game in 2010 and then suspended for two years by footballing authorities for failing to report approaches from match fixers.

A former Debrecen player, Lorant Olah, says match fixing in Hungary was once a big problem, but now he believes football in Hungary is free from corruption.