15 Apr 2013

Leading golfers say Woods should be out of Masters

12:20 pm on 15 April 2013

Leading golfers say world number one Tiger Woods should've been disqualified from the Masters after taking an illegal drop in Saturday's second round.

Woods revealed in a post-round interview that when he re-played a shot that ended up in the water on the 15th hole, he didn't drop the ball as near as possible to the spot from where the original ball was played.

That in most cases would lead to disqualification, but Masters officials say Woods is protected by a rule that allows a player to stay in a tournament if an infringement is detected using television evidence.

The six-times major champion Nick Faldo says Woods has breached the rules and the incident will leave a mark on his career, while the former world number one David Duval says Woods should've withdrawn from the tournament.

Woods incurred a two-stroke penalty for the drop and says quitting never crossed his mind.