21 Feb 2009

Seven sent off after fight in Brazilian football match

4:28 pm on 21 February 2009

Seven players were sent off after a ferocious brawl sparked by a goal celebration in a Brazilian football match.

The fight occured at the end of the game between Brasil and Ulbra in the Rio Grande do Sul championship, a regional tournament which kick off the Brazilian season.

Television pictures showed trouble broke out when Rogerio Pereira scored the final goal in Ulbra's 5-2 away win and went to celebrate in front of the Brasil supporters.

Pereira was attacked by several Brasil players, leading to a fight near the corner flag in which players punched and kicked each other and tripped over the advertising hoardings.

Several players were seen to kick or punch rivals from behind, then run off.

At one stage, Brasil president Elder Lopes ran onto the field and was seen aiming a kick at a player.