17 Mar 2009

Bucknor takes a shot at India

5:50 am on 17 March 2009

West Indies cricket umpire Steve Bucknor says India succeeded in having him sacked from a Test match in Perth because of their national board's financial might and adds that "some people are more equal than others".

Bucknor's performance in the explosive second Test in Sydney in January 2008 led to India captain Anil Kumble filing a negative report on the West Indies official, with the Indian board making noises about pulling out of their Australian tour if they didn't get their way.

62-year-old Bucknor has announced Thursday's third Test between South Africa and Australia in Cape Town will be his 128th and last.

Reflecting on a 20-year career that has included a record five World Cup finals, the tall and calm Jamaican says he wasn't surprised by the fuss the Indian camp made over his efforts in that eventful Sydney Test.

Bucknor says India seem to have more say and seem to get their way.