6 May 2009

Collingwood wants Test and T20 pay-gap narrowed

7:08 am on 6 May 2009

England's Twenty20 captain Paul Collingwood fears that unless the pay-gap between playing Test cricket and in Twenty20 events such as the Indian Premier League is narrowed, future players will simply opt out of the "mental torture" of an Ashes series.

Collingwood's told Wisden Cricketer magazine that his generation saw Test cricket and playing in the Ashes as the ultimate and it was his dream.

He says he gave up the England one-day captaincy last July because it was affecting his Test game and he wanted to keep his Test place.

Collingwood says cricket administrators have to be careful to avoid today's young players prioritising one-day and Twenty20.

If they get 10 times the money for playing a few weeks of Twenty20 than for months of mental torture in the Ashes, he 's afraid to say some will take the first option.