12 Jun 2009

FIA meets with F1 teams again

8:04 am on 12 June 2009

Formula One's governing body has met with teams to try and reach an 11th hour deal before publication of a 2010 entry list that could secure a stable future for the sport or split it in two.

An FIA spokesman declined to comment on the meeting, which lasted more than four hours, with the Ferrari-led Formula One Teams Association.

The FOTA teams, reduced to eight after Force India and Williams were suspended, have submitted entries conditional on the 2010 rules being rewritten and a new commercial agreement signed by tonight, when the list is published.

Mosley, who wants to bring in new teams to help the sport overcome the credit crunch and the possible departure of some of the manufacturers, has said that is not possible in the time-frame.

The 2010 rules have put forward an optional 100 million-dollar budget cap, with those accepting it given greater technical freedom.

Ferrari, former champions Renault, Toyota and the two Red Bull teams oppose the budget cap and any two-tier system.

The FIA is likely to include Ferrari and the two Red Bull teams on the list anyway, arguing that they have pre-existing contracts, while Williams and tail-enders Force India have entered unconditionally.

At least 10 would-be new teams have applied for at least three available slots, including Kuwaiti-backed Prodrive, Lola and some others reviving familiar names from the past such as Brabham and Lotus.