4 Jul 2013

Pirelli blame teams for tyre failures

6:09 am on 4 July 2013

Formula One's tyre makers Pirelli are accusing teams of contributing to the dramatic blowouts at last weekend's British Grand Prix by mounting their tyres the wrong way around and using insufficient pressure.

Rejecting any suggestion that their tyres were dangerous, the Italian company said it would be supplying stronger rear tyres at this weekend's German round to allay safety fears, then introduce an entirely new range in Hungary at the end of the month.

Pirelli said teams had put tyres intended for the right side of the car on the left to gain a competitive advantage, had run them at lower pressures than recommended by the manufacturer, and used extreme cambers.

Four drivers suffered alarming high-speed rear tyre blowouts at Silverstone, and the debris from the exploding tyres was flung up into the path of cars behind.