10 Aug 2013

Hot Spot claims rebutted

6:11 am on 10 August 2013

Both the England and the Australian cricketers are denying allegations that batsmen have been using tape on the edges of their bats to "cheat" the Hot Spot technology in the Ashes series.

And world cricket's governing body the ICC says it isn't investigating the allegations, made by Australia's Nine Network.

The ICC sent their director of cricket operations, Geoff Allardice to Durham to meet with the coaches and captains ahead of the fourth test in Durham to try to iron out some points of contention with DRS after a number of controversial moments during the Ashes.

The ICC's chief executive Dave Richardson says the players are in no way under suspicion.

Australian skipper Michael Clarke says it's long been common practice for players to protect their bats with things like fibreglass facing, but there is no chance any Australian player has been trying to cheat the technology.

England's batting star Kevin Pietersen has reacted angrily at being linked to the story after his controversial dismissal at Old Trafford when he was given out despite nothing showing up on the HotSpot replay.