23 Jul 2009

Back to the bargaining table for America's Cup syndicates

8:36 am on 23 July 2009

A New York judge has ordered Switzerland's Alinghi and Oracle of the United States to resume mediation in their dispute over the rules for the America's Cup.

The two sides agreed to head back to the bargaining table to prepare for their duel in February settle the 33rd edition of the Cup.

Alinghi had asked the court to disqualify Oracle if the US syndicate did not provide a description of the trimaran it has built for the duel.

For its part, Oracle had accused Alinghi of wanting to unilaterally change the rules with the alleged complicity of the International Sailing Federation.

The two sides are expected to meet in a duel in multihulls - Alinghi in a catamaran while Oracle will use a trimaran - in February at a site which the Alinghi, as the defending champion, must announce before August the 8th.