25 Sep 2013

Football Ferns prepare for China

6:50 pm on 25 September 2013

The New Zealand women's football team will take a step into the unknown when they take on China in the Valais Cup final in Switzerland tomorrow morning.

Following their historic 1-0 victory over Brazil on Monday, the Football Ferns now have an opportunity to claim their first tournament win outside Oceania since 1975.

Their captain, Abby Erceg, says it's been hard preparing for a Chinese side they don't know much about.

Erceg says despite playing China regularly, its national team has been rebuilding of late and is now full of players the Ferns are not familiar with.

She says it's been important to move on quickly from the euphoria of beating Brazil, ranked number four in the world, and to focus on the final.

The match which will be televised and kicks off at 3.30 on Thursday morning.