29 Oct 2013

Platini in favour of bigger World Cup

6:34 am on 29 October 2013

European football chief Michel Platini says he is in favour of increasing the number of teams taking part in the men's World Cup finals from the current 32 to 40 - which would boost New Zealand's chances of qualifying in the future.

The French UEFA president says he favours more teams from Africa, Asia, Oceania and north America playing in the World Cup, in eight groups of five.

Platini says by their research, it would only add three days to the World Cup schedule.

His views came just two days after FIFA chief Sepp Blatter said he was in favour of increasing the number of World Cup finalists

Blatter says it's not normal that Africa has just five places, while the Europeans and South Americans between them have the majority of places - even though they have fewer member federations than Africa and Asia.