12 Nov 2013

Armstrong will testify with 100 percent honesty

5:52 am on 12 November 2013

The disgraced former Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has said he will testify with "100 percent transparency and honesty" at any independent enquiry into doping in cycling but he wants to be assured he'll be treated fairly.

In an interview with the BBC the 42 year old Texan said those probing the extent of doping in the sport had to be consistent, saying "If everyone gets the death penalty, then I'll take the death penalty."

The newly-elected International Cycling Union president Brian Cookson wants a new independent commission to investigate allegations and confessions of past doping, to try and restore credibility in the sport.

But Armstrong has questioned how much good any investigation would do ultimately.

He says he's experienced massive personal loss, and massive loss of wealth while others have truly capitalised on his story.