20 Aug 2009

Four rival F1 teams helped Renault avoid ban

6:33 am on 20 August 2009

Formula One's governing body has revealed that four rival teams helped Renault overturn a one-race ban that would have forced Fernando Alonso to miss this weekend's European Grand Prix.

The International Automobile Federation has published the reasoning behind Tuesday's appeal court verdict on its website and says Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari and Toyota wrote in support of Renault.

The FIA says it took the letters into account, noting that two teams said they had changed pitstop procedures after Renault's lost wheel incident at the Hungarian Grand Prix .

The suspension after Fernando Alonso's car lost a wheel was changed to a reprimand and $50,000 fine,

The FIA says it would have been wrong to ignore the other teams' views.

It happened day after Ferrari's Brazilian Felipe Massa was seriously injured by bouncing debris in qualifying.