26 Dec 2013

Eight Russian athletes banned for doping

11:32 am on 26 December 2013

Six Russian male weightlifters and two female cyclists have been banned for breaking anti-doping regulations.

The Russian Anti Doping Agency says Evgeny Kolomiets and Yury Selyutin were banned for 10 years, starting in October 2013, for repeated abuse.

Mikhail Reznitchenko, Tejmur Alekserov and Dmitry Srybnyi were suspended for two years while Oleg Musokhranov was banned for three months, starting on November the 7th.

Cyclists Elena Bocharinkova and Yana Bezrukova were also suspended for two years dating back to July.

In April, the Russian Weightlifting Federation banned eight weightlifters for breaking anti-doping regulations.