3 Jan 2014

FIFA president fed up with diving

9:39 am on 3 January 2014

FIFA president Sepp Blatter is fed up with "preposterous" simulation and "extravagant" diving by players and says it is up to referees to solve the problem.

In the latest edition of FIFA Weekly Blatter writes diving is treated with scorn in other sporting disciplines but it has become a normal and accepted part of football nowadays.

He continues that though simulation is incredibly unfair and looks preposterous when viewed in a replay, some people regard it as smart or in the worst case as a harmless misdemeanour.

He pens the ball is in the referees' court and the instructions are now clear on this matter: if a player is lying on the floor, the opposing team are not required to put the ball into touch.

Blatter argues players should be made to wait before returning to the pitch if the referee believed they had feigned injury.