28 Jan 2014

Big three backing down on controversial cricket demands?

3:05 pm on 28 January 2014

Cricket's self pronounced big three - India, England and Australia- are set to present a re-drafted verision of their controversial position paper to the International Cricket Council in Dubai tonight.

The resolutions called for a complete overhaul of the ICC's administration and its revenue distribution.

The website Cricinfo is reporting the first of the proposals to be watered down relates to a two tier format for Test cricket and the relegation of the bottom two ranked teams.

The other change relates to the formation of an Executive Committee and expanding it from four to five with a second nominee coming from the smaller seven nations.

The report says the Indian, England and Australian officials have been making further concessions as they meet with each nation.

It's been reported that New Zealand supports the proposals.

But before leaving for Dubai the New Zealand delegate Martin Snedden was adamant the proposal was unacceptable in its current format, expressing particular concern about the playing programme.

It's also been suggested New Zealand could lose $50 million in ICC funding under the draft proposal, although Snedden suggested New Zealand cricket wouldn't be worse off financially.