8 Feb 2014

Sri Lanka takes on ICC

6:04 am on 8 February 2014

Sri Lanka have insisted plans for reform of the International Cricket Council are in conflict with the organisation's "fundamental principles".

Last month the ICC said it had reached "unanimous agreement" on the outline of a plan to give the sport's most financially powerful nations - India, England and Australia - a greater say in running the world game.

Soon after the talks, it became clear several countries still had concerns ahead of Saturday's follow-up meeting in Singapore, which could see a vote on implementing the plans.

In a letter, Sri Lanka Cricket board president Jayantha Dharmadasa has written to the ICC's head of legal affairs, Iain Higgins, warning the reforms are "not valid" in law.

The letter, sent to the ICC's Dubai headquarters on February 5, states that the purported resolutions have the effect of taking a disproportionately large share of the funding available from the ICC and distributing it among these three full members.

The 'Big Three' have insisted their scheme is about more than their own self-interest, with England and Wales Cricket Board chairman Giles Clarke promising all countries will earn "an awful lot more" through this proposal.