12 Feb 2014

South African denies it sold out to Big Three

6:07 am on 12 February 2014

Cricket South Africa did not sell out to India, England and Australia over the decision to allow the 'Big Three' to effectively take control of the sport.

However CSA's president Chris Nenzani acknowledged it was "not ideal" that the International Cricket Council had given more power to the three wealthiest countries India, England and Wales, and Australia.

South Africa originally stood alongside Sri Lanka and Pakistan in opposition to what was widely viewed as a hijacking of the sport by the Big Three before making a U-turn and voting in favour of the ICC proposal in Singapore at the weekend.

But South Africa's president Nenzani said he had met Pakistani and Sri Lankan officials before the meeting in Singapore and explained his Board's decision to them.

He also said Cricket South Africa changed its stance after "significant improvements" were made to the proposal by the Big Three, including the restoration of ICC funding assistance for incoming tours, and the establishment of an executive committee board of representatives from up to six countries.