18 Feb 2014

Eisenhower tree comes down

6:10 am on 18 February 2014

The Eisenhower Tree, an iconic century-old pine on the 17th hole at Augusta National in Georgia, has been removed from the Masters course due to ice storm damage.

Icy weather struck the southeast United States last week, causing power outages and severe tree damage, notably at Augusta, the annual venue of golf's first major tournament.

The disappointing loss of the famed pine, however, was the only significant setback at the course ahead of this year's Masters in April.

The tree, which stood about 65 feet high, stood about 210 yards off the 17th tee to the left-centre of the fairway.

It drew its name from the late US president Dwight Eisenhower, who had been a member at Augusta National and had proposed cutting down the tree because he hit into it so often, but the idea was dismissed.