16 Sep 2009

Quota for 'home-grown' Premier League players

7:29 am on 16 September 2009

England's top flight football clubs will have their squads limited to 25 next season with eight players having to be 'home-grown'.

The Premier League says its 20 clubs have agreed the change, effective from the start of the 2010/2011 campaign.

Of the up to 25 players in a squad, no more than 17 can be over the age of 21 and not be home grown - that is, trained for three years under the age of 21 by somebody in the English and Welsh professional system.

Clubs have to name 25 players at the end of August when the transfer window closes and again at the end of January.

The Premier League says its members' academies have 320 players aged 16 to 18 and a further 2,486 under 16.