17 Mar 2014

England cricketers will feel conned says former captain

6:42 pm on 17 March 2014

The former England captain Michael Vaughan says Jonathan Trott's assertion that mental and physical fatigue had forced him home from England's Ashes tour of Australia rather than depression feels like a "con".

The 32-year-old Trott abruptly left the tour after the first test in Brisbane last November with team officials citing a long standing stress-related illness as the cause.

But Trott has said in a recent interview that he wasn't suffering from depression but was rather burnt out from too muich cricket.

Writing in the Daily Mail newspaper Vaughan says Trott's problems in Australia were presented as if he was struggling with a serious mental health issue and he accordingly he was treated with sensitivity and sympathy.

But he says the latest comments will only convince his team mates he abandoned them.

Vaughan says Trott was struggling for cricketing and not mental reasons and for him to use terms like "crazy" or "nutcase" in his interview only disrespected those who suffered from mental illness.