18 Mar 2014

DNA tests could prevent sports injury

8:57 am on 18 March 2014

British runner Jenny Meadows is using a revolutionary DNA test designed to prevent injury and improve her performance ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

The test is a brainchild of London-based company DNAFit, which obtains genetic profiles using a simple mouth swab to identify genes that make athletes prone to certain injuries.

It can also ensure they can tailor a program of training and nutrition to fit their DNA.

Doctor Keith Grimaldi, DNAFit's chief scientific officer, says two Premier League teams and another leading club in Europe have also commissioned genetic profiles of their players.

Grimaldi says the test which takes two weeks from taking the mouth swab to getting the results, could help football teams going to the World Cup know which players are more at risk of sunstroke or sunburn, for example.