27 Mar 2014

Cairns confirms police, ICC want to talk

5:47 pm on 27 March 2014

The former New Zealand cricketer Chris Cairns has confirmed that police have finally contacted him over allegations of match fixing.

Cairns won a libel trial against Indian cricket powerbroker Lalit Modi in 2012 over claims of corruption in the now-defunct Indian Cricket League.

Late last year Cairns, along with two fellow former Black Caps one of who is Lou Vincent, was named in international media reports as being subject to an International Cricket Council investigation over allegations of match-fixing.

At the time Cairns said neither the ICC or British police had spoken to him about the matter.

In a statement today Cairns says authorities have now contacted him and he will be engaging with them over the coming days but he still has no detail about the nature of their inquiry.

He says he has nothing to hide but is pleased authorities are finally engaging with him so the matter can be resolved once and for all.

Meanwhile a lawyer who appeared as a witness for the Cairns his libel trial against Modi has been arrested by London police.

The Telegraph newspaper says Andrew Fitch-Holland has been arrested and remains in custody.

The Metropolitan Police would only confirm that a 49-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

The Telegraph also reported that Scotland Yard officials were in New Zealand conducting inquires, but Police wouldn't confirm that.