3 Apr 2014

New WADA code will hand down tougher penalties

2:08 pm on 3 April 2014

The World Anti-Doping Agency believes a new code coming into force next year will be tougher on athletes who dope.

WADA says the Olympic drug cheat Nadzeya Ostapchuk will not receive a life ban.

The Belarussian shot-putter has received a four-year ban for failed drugs Test from the 2012 Olympic Games and a re-test of a 2005 sample.

WADA director general David Howman says under the rules the International Athletics Federation has acted correctly in not giving Ostapchuk a life ban.

However Howman says issues like that will be addressed from next year, when a new code comes in with heavier penalties.

And he says even though Ostapchuk is eligible to compete again from 2016, he thinks it's unlikely the Belarussian Olympic committee will select her as she's already disgraced her country.