26 Apr 2014

Potential managers will be put off by sacking, says Wenger

11:11 am on 26 April 2014

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says the rate at which football managers and coaches are being sacked is a threat to the game.

And he believes the quality of managers and coaches will diminish in future if the trend continues.

Wenger told reporters at the club's training ground that new talent would be deterred from coming into the profession because there was so little security.

Speaking in the week that Manchester United's David Moyes became the 10th Premier League manager to lose his job this season, Wenger says there's no time for people to do their job.

He says the average job expectancy of an English professional club manager at the moment is 11 months.

Since Alex Ferguson was succeeded by Moyes 10 months ago, Wenger, who took over at Arsenal in 1996, has been by far the longest-serving manager in England.

The Frenchman says clubs internally will need to be much stronger and resist immediate pressure to make hasty changes.