23 Aug 2014

All Whites coach wants to learn from All Blacks

4:38 pm on 23 August 2014

The new All Whites coach Anthony Hudson says he's not interested in selecting players who want to pick and choose which international football matches they'll play.

Tommy Smith won't play for the All Whites for a year after requesting a release from the international team.

Smith hasn't been included in the team to play Uzbekistan in Tashkent next month with New Zealand Football having grant him a year off from international selection.

Hudson says that decision was made before he came on board and he hasn't spoken to Smith about his decision.

He says he needs to sit with every player and figure out if the player's motives are right and he wants to commit to what they're doing and the All Whites. If a player's not committed then they don't want him anyway, but that goes for every player.

But Hudson says he doesn't know that about Smith, and he needs to sit with him and share his ideas and how they're going to play, how they're going to work and how they're going to manage overseas players."

Tommy Smith, may face an ultimatum from new All Whites coach Anthony Hudson.

Tommy Smith, may face an ultimatum from new All Whites coach Anthony Hudson. Photo: Photosport

Hudson says what he also needs to do is immerse himself in the New Zealand culture.

He says he had the same when he was coaching in Bahrain, he loved it and respected the culture and really bought into things, like the prayer time and all sorts of things, so after a period of time he felt he could really speak on behalf of the national team.

Hudson says it's about him being willing and wanting to learn what it is to be a New Zealander and an All White, which is as important as whether they play 3, 5, 2 or 4, 3, 3.

And he says he's already tried to make contact with the All Blacks coach Steve Hansen, who he wants to meet so he can learn about the All Blacks.

Hudson says he wants to learn from other coaches in New Zealand and to visit as many local clubs as possible, which is something that's very important to him.