17 Dec 2009

ICC chief expects day-night tests within two years

6:29 am on 17 December 2009

The International Cricket Council president David Morgan says day-night test cricket should become a reality within two years,

Morgan, who will step down next July, believes the five-day format he describes as the pinnacle of cricket, must break with tradition to avoid dwindling attendances.

While this year's Ashes series in England was a sell-out, other leading test nations, including new world number ones India, struggle to fill stadiums for five-day matches.

He says countries like Australia with large stadia and hot conditions,is made for day-night test matches and the Australia Board is very keen.

Morgan says 18 months ago he wouldn't have been overly enthusiastic and would have thought of the records and the tradition, the Bradmans, the Shane Warnes, the Gavaskar records.

But he says day-nighrt matches will bring crowds out in the way that's not possible in the working day and he'd be surprised and disappointed if it doesn't happen within the next two years, without coloured clothing though.