18 Jun 2015

No New Zealanders in All-Star netball team

12:46 pm on 18 June 2015

This year's ANZ netball Championship All-Star Team doesn't feature a single New Zealand player for the first time.

Australian netball player Caitlin Bassett

Australian netball player Caitlin Bassett Photo: PHOTOSPORT

The All-Star Team, voted by fans, recognises the best players in the respective positions and a coach over the course of the trans-Tasman season.

This year only one New Zealand side - the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic - managed to beat an Australian outfit.

Two Australian teams will contest the final this Sunday - the Queensland Firebirds and New South Wales Swifts.

New Zealand gets a nod but only through England international Serena Guthrie, who debuted for the Northern Mystics this year.

The New South Wales Swifts provided a record four players in the 2015 line-up, while West Coast Fever's breakout season was recognised with their first-ever selections through goal shooter Caitlin Bassett and coach Stacey Rosman.

Four players have earned selection in the All-Star team for the first time while Swifts pair Susan Pettitt and captain Kimberlee Green are the only players returning from the 2014 side.

Goal shoot: Caitlin Bassett, West Coast Fever

Goal attack: Susan Pettitt, NSW Swifts

Wing attack: Kimberlee Green, NSW Swifts

Centre: Kim Ravaillion, Queensland Firebirds

Wing defence: Serena Guthrie, Mystics

Goal defence: Julie Corletto, NSW Swifts

Goalkeeper : Sharni Layton, NSW Swifts

Coach: Stacey Rosman, West Coast Fever