9 Feb 2010

New Orleans celebrating Super Bowl win

6:06 am on 9 February 2010

The US city of New Orleans is celebrating the Saints' historic Super Bowl victory, bringing joy to a city that still has plenty of misery from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina 5 years ago.

The Saints won their first Super Bowl title with a 31-17 win over the Indianapolis Colts in Miami helped by some positive, risk-taking calls from their inspired coach Sean Payton.

Super Bowl MVP, the quarterback Drew Brees, also played his part... he threw for 288 yards and 2 touch downs.

Brees has come to symbolize the close relationship between the team and the city... their ground, the Louisiana Superdome was used by the homeless after the hurricane.

Brees has no doubts about the significance of their achievement after the city had nothing in 2005...