21 Jul 2016

Parker's camp insist risk is worth reward

11:02 am on 21 July 2016

Joseph Parker's camp refuse to admit his upcoming fight against former Australian rugby league player, Solomon Haumono, is a step in the wrong direction.

Joseph Paker (right) and Solomon Haumono.

Joseph Paker (right) and Solomon Haumono. Photo: Photosport

The 24-year-old Parker will fight Haumono in Christchurch tonight, but what's really on the boxing world's mind is his fight for the IBF World heavyweight title against British boxer, Anthony Joshua, later this year.

Parker 24-year-old is undefeated in 19 professional fights and holds multiple titles and with a mandatory challenge against Anthony Joshua penciled in for later this year, he could become a world heavyweight champion.

However he could lose it all tonight if Solomon Haumono, the former NRL hardman, manages to hand Parker his first loss.

While Parker is expected to win the fight, Haumono is a well regarded boxer, his ability to floor opponents with one punch, similar to that of David Tua, is widely known.

In total he's won 24 of 28 fights, 21 have come by way of knockout and Parker's trainer, Kevin Barry, knows Haumono is an explosive figther.

"I'm excited, I think it's a good challenge. We know Haumono has a very good right hand so one punch can change the whole outcome of the fight and if Haumono or anyone else gets in front of us, if they're able to beat Joe at the moment there's massive upside for them moving forward which makes them very, very dangerous.

Barry has shortened Parker's training camp for the fight after they both agreed Parker over-trained for his last fight.

Joseph Parker v Carlos Takam

Parker's last fight against Carlos Takam Photo: PhotoSport

The camp even caused Parker to sustain an elbow injury, which has now spread to his shoulder and Parker admits it needs to be monitored closely if he wants to have a long career in the sport.

Parker also knows a loss tonight could jeopardise that career.

"For him I think this is a make or break, he wants what I have - the mandatory fight for the IBF world title.

"Every fight's a challenge and even thought it's not the same challenge as the previous fight (Carlos Takam) different fights bring different challenges. That's why it's interesting that there's a lot of different styles because styles make fights."

For Haumono, he really has nothing to lose.

Should he win, he'd get Parker's mandatory challenge against Joshua and that's what the 40-year-old has come to claim.

"We've all been working on different things. I'm going in there with one intent and that's to win and I'm sure he's going in with the same intent as well."

With a lot on the line, a slip up now could cost Parker more than a few bruises.