2 Oct 2016

Dimitrenko to challenge Parker "cheap shot"

12:44 pm on 2 October 2016

Russian boxer Alexander Dimitrenko has vowed to challenge the decision in Saturday night's controversial bout between him and New Zealand heavyweight Joseph Parker.

Joseph Parker and Alexander Dimitrenko

Joseph Parker and Alexander Dimitrenko Photo: Photosport

Parker beat the giant Russian to maintain his unbeaten record and stay on track for a treasured world title shot.

Parker won by technical knockout in the third round after dropping Dimitrenko multiple times.

The final blow from Parker came while Dimitrenko had one of his knees on the canvas which is against boxing rules.

Canadian referee Marlon Wright, who was standing behind Parker when the final flurry of punches were thrown, counted out Dimitrenko as he writhed in apparent agony on the canvas clutching his left ribs.

Dimitrenko said it was a cheap shot from Parker.

"I am angry because I was down with my knee on the ground and he hit me. He pushed me (down) and then he hit me," Dimitrenko said.

"I didn't see this punch. If you don't see the punch, it is even more dangerous.

"Of course I am angry and I told this to the referee. He told me 'I didn't see, sorry, it's OK'.

"I will (protest). The supervisor is here and I will do this (protest), it is my right. I'm disappointed the way the fight ended."

Dimitrenko's challenge looks likely to fall on deaf ears, with the bout officials claiming last night they were happy with the decision and they believe there's no room for protest.

The Russian said he wasn't angry at Parker who was being grappled by Dimintrenko when he landed the final blow.

"He is a human being like me, he is a professional boxer like me. When you fight you have too much adrenalin and you (are out to) win.

"He reacted automatically ... it was a reaction."

Parker's trainer Kevin Barry said his charge deserved to win after dominating the fight.

"I think he was finished when he (Parker) knocked him down in the first round. For me, that was the end of the fight, it was just a matter of time after that.

"I said to Joe after the first round, 'this guy will keep trying, you have to keep beating him down. But I felt comfortable after that first knock down that the fight was ours and it was only a matter of time.

"We know Joe's a finisher. When he hurts you, he's going to get you out of there and he got him out of there in the third round," Barry said.