14 Dec 2016

Is the Paralympic Committee in financial crisis?

7:06 am on 14 December 2016

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is reportedly facing a major new financial crisis linked to Rio 2016.

The blades of a Paralympic runner

The blades of a Paralympic runner Photo: Photosport

The BBC has reported $5.1 million of travel grants owed by the Rio 2016 organising committee to national Paralympic bodies are two weeks late.

Several smaller countries took out loans to send teams to Brazil - which the IPC covered with emergency funds.

The BBC reported the IPC is now thought to be considering legal action against the Rio 2016 organising committee.

The Rio Paralympics went ahead in September, but only after budget cuts to venues, the workforce and transport caused by recession and extra spending on the Olympics.

An initial installment of delayed grants covering the costs for athletes and officials was paid.

But the second payment is now overdue, risking another blow to the legacy of South America's first Games.