18 Dec 2016

Ko says it was her decision to split from coach

7:02 am on 18 December 2016

New Zealand's world golf number one Lydia Ko has spoken about the recent changes she's made to her game, saying she was the one that made the decisions.

Lydia Ko and former caddie Jason Hamilton.

Lydia Ko and former caddie Jason Hamilton. Photo: Photosport

Ko came under fire earlier this month following her decision to split from coaches David Leadbetter and Sean Hogan.

Ko had worked with them for three years.

In a release Leadbetter criticized Ko's parents for their role in not only the split but their management of Ko's game.

In an open letter to the LPGA Ko said, "I think I have, yes, sometimes been too reliant on my parents because I am so used to being with them, but I think I need to learn more about taking ownership and making my own decisions."

"Of course I discussed my decision with my parents," Ko explained. "They gave their opinions, too. But at the end of the day I made the final decision to change. My parents are a big part of my golfing career and I know I wouldn't be here without them."

"I am very close with my parents. But it would be a lie to say that we have never had an argument or I've never been upset because of them," Ko said. "But at the end of the day, even though I may not know at the time, they are wishing the very best for me and it's because they care and love me."

In October Ko split with Jason Hamilton, her caddie of two years, with just three events remaining on her schedule for the year.

The two-time major champion is also reportedly making a change in equipment from Callaway to PXG Golf during the off-season.

"They say when it's working why change?" Ko said. "Even though I have made quite a few changes the past few months, I guess I didn't realize until people started pointing it out to me. But I don't regret making them."

"I felt like I needed to be a bit more consistent in ball striking, especially with the driver," Ko said, even though she hit 84 percent of fairways in Naples. "But stopping work with David and Sean was a very hard decision to make, as I really enjoyed working with them and also felt like I learned a lot about my game too."

When asked what role her struggles in the second half of the season played in her decision to split with Leadbetter and Hogan given her desire for more consistency, Ko says it wasn't about that at all.

"My decision to stop working with the team was not at all result related."