22 Feb 2017

Hackett to seek help

7:26 am on 22 February 2017

Troubled swimming champion Grant Hackett says he will seek help for mental health issues both in Australia and overseas, pleading to be left alone while he does so.

Hackett, 36, has been in hiding after he was arrested last week after disturbance at his father's Gold Coast home.

He has issued a statement thanking his family, in particular his parents, for their support through "the toughest week of my life".

Grant Hackett

Grant Hackett Photo: ABC

"They have been amazing and have now stood by me through thick and thin - I can't say enough about them - I could not wish for better parents," he said in the statement.

Hackett said he had also resolved his differences with his brother Craig, who he criticised for speaking to media following his arrest.

"My brother and I have reconnected and love each other very much - our family has always been our priority," the swimmer said.

"The support I have received from so many people in Australia and around the world has also been incredible.

"I wish I could reply to every single message or well wish I've had, which is impossible at present, as I'm so grateful for each and every one of them."

Hackett went into hiding on Thursday, leaving his family worried about his disappearance for several hours.

In his latest statement released on Tuesday, Hackett has asked for his privacy to be respected as he begins seeking help for his issues.

"This is a very private matter that I am going through and I am going to work my way through it," he said.

"I would appreciate it if everyone would allow me and my family to do everything we need to do.

"I know I have some mental health issues and I am seeking help here in Australia and I will be also going overseas."