11 Apr 2017

Foran epitomises growing problem for NRL says Kenny

4:55 pm on 11 April 2017

The Warriors playmaker Kieran Foran has been criticised for being part of what former Parramatta player Brett Kenny says is a growing trend of players breaking their NRL contracts.

Kenny, a four time premiership winner with Parrammatta in 80's and 90's says the developments that led to Kieran Foran appearing for the Warriors were wrong for the game.

Warriors playmaker Kieran Foran.

Warriors playmaker Kieran Foran. Photo: PHOTOSPORT

Foran isn't the only player to have been granted a release from his club and moved elsewhere but Kenny says players are pulling all sorts of stunts to get out of their contracts.

"And all of a sudden they're allowed to leave the club and six months later or even less, you're allowed to sign with another club. To me, that's not right," he said.

"I think they've (the NRL) really got to do something about it. I think it was good to see him back playing well, but the way it all happened was wrong."

Brett Kenny (left) at the launch of the Eels' 70th anniversary jersey.

Brett Kenny (left) at the launch of the Eels' 70th anniversary jersey. Photo: Twitter

He suggested players be given more leeway by their clubs to address personal issues with the end goal of returning to the team and finishing their deal.

"I would've been told to go away, look after things, try and sort things out, be back at training in a fortnight or a month's time, and be ready to play. That was the way it was back then," he said.

"But now youv'e got to give him time off, send him away here or away there. I fully understand you have mental issues, but I think a lot of times it's being treated too softly.

"These guys have got to be told, 'You're getting paid damn good money to do this, the club have signed you in the belief you'll be there for the remainder of your contract'."

In just his second match of the season and first against the Eels since controversially being granted a release by Parramatta last year, Foran was arguably the Warriors' best player in their victory.