5 Jul 2017

The Auld Mug's back ...what now for Burling and Tuke?

4:02 pm on 5 July 2017

Back in the country with the Auld Mug after winning the America's Cup, Peter Burling and Blair Tuke are coy on whether they will defend their Olympic 49'er title in Tokyo in 2020.

Team New Zealand arrived home from Bermuda this afternoon and will take part in a victory parade in Auckland tomorrow.

Burling and Tuke won gold at the Rio Olympics last year but Burling says trying to compare that victory to America's Cup success is nigh on impossible.

The Auld Mug is back in New Zealand but what now for Peter Burling and Blair Tuke?

The Auld Mug is back in New Zealand but what now for Peter Burling and Blair Tuke? Photo: Photosport

He says they need to collect their thoughts over the next few days before contemplating Tokyo.

"We've got no plans at the moment. We just want to enjoy this for a few days and make the most of this opportunity....we're pretty tired at the moment it's been a massive push to get to this point and we need to waiter till we are a little fresher before we make some big decisions."

Tuke rated the America's Cup on a par with Olympic success saying it had been a "big goal" ever since he got into sailing.

Comparing the two events though is difficult when there is such a large team involved in the Cup, he said.

"So many people put so much into this team over the years...and the hours that everyone works in all departments from the design guys to the boatbuilders and for us to sail so well out there and beat Oracle is awesome." said Tuke.

"As a kid growing up watching (the America's Cup) in '95 and 2000 it means so much to Kiwis so for us to now be bringing it back is really, really special," he added.

Tuke said he and Burling have had initial discussions about competing in Tokyo.

"We're ready to pull the trigger if we need to, we've still got all our gear from last time but you can't underestimate how much work has to go into an Olympic campaign..so if we are going to do it we have to do it properly because what we did in Rio was awesome and we don't want to go into (Tokyo) half cocked," said Tuke.