26 Jul 2017

Sosa say the Breakers

3:33 pm on 26 July 2017

The Breakers have signed Dominican Republic international Edgar Sosa for the upcoming ANBL basketball season.

Sosa is a 1.88m point guard who describes himself as an "all-purpose" player and has three consecutive league championships to his name in Italy, Iran and most recently in Lebanon.

Edgar Sosa

Edgar Sosa Photo: Youtube

"I am a hard-nosed player that will give you everything I have in the game. I try to win, I pride myself on winning and will do all I can to be a winner again," he said

Sosa is confident that he brings a variety of weapons to the league, with options to suit whatever the game situation.

"I am an all-purpose guard, I can score the ball, I can make my team mates better. I just like to read the game and go with what I need to do, sometimes it calls to be aggressive and score points and other times you have to get your team mates involved, so I feel I can adjust to any style of game."

Breakers head coach Paul Henare said Sosa will bring "experience and calmness" to his side.

Sosa is currently in Florida and will arrive in Auckland towards the end of August.