27 Jul 2017

Millar sprinting well despite knee injury

7:48 am on 27 July 2017

New Zealand sprinter Joseph Millar is confident he'll be in the best shape of his life for next week's World Athletics Championships in London, despite a knee injury affecting his buildup.

Joseph Millar.

Joseph Millar. Photo: PHOTOSPORT

Millar has been competing and training in Belgium and London for the past two weeks which has meant he has not had consistent treatment on his knee.

He has now joined up with the rest of the New Zealand squad in Cardiff, where has received regular treatment and was noticing a difference, he said.

"I've been able to start to get on top of it. On my good days I'm moving really well, faster than I've ever moved before."

"It's just the days where it's feeling a little bit iffy where I'm not able to move as fast as I've been doing in training and unfortunately most of those times have happened on race days," he said.

"I have my good days and bad days, but I'm having more and more good days now I'm having treatment on it."

Millar said he would not be competing in anymore races before the World Championships, where he has already qualified for the 200 metres.

He was keen to run the 100 metres if the numbers allowed and he would know in the next 24 hours if that would happen.

If Millar competes in the 100 metres, there was a chance he could race against Usain Bolt with the Jamaican great competing in his last event before retirement.