21 Aug 2017

Walsh wins again

6:31 am on 21 August 2017

The New Zealand shot putter Tom Walsh has continued his winning form two weeks after winning the world champs, with victory at the latest Diamond League meeting in Birmingham.

Walsh shrugged off the effects of the groin injury he suffered in the lead up to the world athletic champs with a throw of 21.83 metres to beat American Ryan Crouser by 28 centimetres.

Tom Walsh and fellow medallists Joe Kovacs (left) and Croatian Stipe Zunic

Tom Walsh and fellow medallists Joe Kovacs (left) and Croatian Stipe Zunic Photo: Photosport

It was Crouser who lodged a couple of protests when Walsh won in London and even turned up at the medal ceremony in the hope he would be promoted to the podium.

Walsh says his biggest worry ahead of the competition that he'd not perform like a world champion.

After a few below par opening round throws Walsh found some form with his final couple of efforts and says he feels he proved he deserves to world champ.

"My biggest worry today was not performing like a world champion," he said.

"I wanted to prove I deserved to be world champion and I pleased that I did that. I didn;t start too well but I got better as the competition went on. To throw that far with a slightly uphill throwing area is very encouraging."

Walsh said he's enjoying the mantle of world champion and being introduced as such at meets.

"It sounds great; I'm going to enjoy that for the next two years."