23 Mar 2010

Tiger's tale hits home for golf world, NBA great,

1:58 pm on 23 March 2010

Tiger Woods irked some with the timing of his television interviews, but his self-analysis has drawn praise from a PGA rival, Jim Furyk, and the former basketball star, Magic Johnson.

Woods, who will end a nearly five-month break next month at the Masters, spoke to ESPN and The Golf Channel on Sunday about his infidelity.

The interviews were broadcast just as Furyk was winning the PGA Tour's Transitions Championship and Transitions managing director David Cole says they were a little bit disappointed about that.

Butt Furyk wished Woods well , saying he understood the latest chapter in the Woods soap opera would trump his personal triumph.

And Johnson, who retired in 1991 after revealing that he had contracted the HIV virus after extra marital affairs, says he's glad golf's world number one is back.