31 Mar 2010

Maradona has facial surgery after pet dog bite

6:27 am on 31 March 2010

Argentina's World Cup coach and football great Diego Maradona has had plastic surgery after one of his pet dogs bit his upper lip.

Maradona was hospitalized in the same clinic in 2007 with toxic hepatitis from drinking.

Witnesses said Maradona was bleeding close to his mouth when he arrived at the clinic with his girlfriend.

Maradona, 48, a gifted player who led Argentina's team to its second World Cup victory in 1986, is worshipped in Argentina despite years of scandal involving drug addiction, overeating and alcoholism.

He stopped playing professional football in 1997 and almost died from cocaine-induced heart problems in 2000 before talking his way into the job as coach of the national team in 2008..